Grants For Playground Equipment | Funding Opportunities
Grants For Playground Equipment | Funding Opportunities

Grants For Playground Equipment | Funding Opportunities

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Our Playground Grant Guide offers a number of playground grants for school and community playgrounds. Find playground funding resources now!


How to Find Playground Grants

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You can find playground grants from various agencies, corporations, and nonprofits. Check out some example grants below:

National, Regional and Local Government Agencies

Governments often offer playground grants for schools, parks and community projects. When applying for a government grant, start by looking at the resources, agencies and programs in your city and state. You may also be able to learn more about additional grant opportunities by contacting your local community foundation. 

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Project Fit America 


  • We are a national agency that works at the grassroots level with schools and front-line educators to create new opportunities for kids to be active, fit and healthy. 


Businesses are often willing to invest in their local community. We have compiled a full list of suggested corporate business grant requests, including well-known corporations such as Costco Foundation, Wells Fargo Corporate Giving grants and the Walmart Foundation. Don't forget to reach out to your local businesses and banks to request grant opportunities as well.

Home Depot – Building Healthy Communities

Nonprofit Organizations

Many nonprofits offer grants for school playgrounds and community projects. Research the nonprofit organizations in your city, region and state to get started.

Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation

To find further grant opportunities, download our expanded grant guide.

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Other Sources of Funding for Playgrounds

Grants for playground equipment aren't the only way to receive help for your fitness or playground project. There are many different avenues you can pursue to pad your budget and make playground financing possible, including: 

  • Crowdsourcing. Outside of official government grants, there are plenty of places to turn for fundraising assistance. Individuals in your community, local businesses and service clubs in your region are excellent resources that may be willing to donate to your new playground. We recommend using a combination of online fundraising as well as making personal requests whenever possible.

  • Fundraising events. In-person fundraising events can be dynamic ways to engage with your community and raise both funds and awareness about your playground project. Host your own party and include several fundraising prospects and a special guest. You can also prepare information about how your playground will positively impact the local community. 

  • Financing. If you need extra help to bridge the gap, look into financing options to help break down the cost of your new playground. At Playworld, we offer several convenient and simple ways to finance the entirety of your playground. Our leasing and phasing programs allow you to get your project started without a burden on your budget. 

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