commercial indoor play structures
commercial indoor play structures

commercial indoor play structures

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Donut Slide allows children to experience the joy of skiing with a ski ring in the indoor play structures. As one of the most popular items in the children's playground, children can ski down again and again and enjoy it!


Donut Slide allows children to experience the joy of skiing with a ski ring in the indoor playground. As one of the most popular items in the children's playground, children can ski down again and again and enjoy it!




Donut Slide Indoor Playground3

Donut Slide Indoor Playground4

Innovative Designed Indoor Play Structures for the Kids

In the modern-day, Indoor play areas have become the most proven option for taking care of the kids. Whether you are looking for creating the most amazing and magnificent indoor play structures then we bring you innovative and safe designs that would give you amazing benefits. We at the Dream garden are ready to provide you the most reliable and marvelous indoor play equipment mainly suitable for the indoor playground and many others. Buying perfectly designed quality soft play products is a mainly suitable option for making the kids happy and enjoyable.  

Best-Designed Indoor Play Structures:

We are the largest play manufacturer in China ready to bring you safe indoor play structures with better innovative features. Our Indoor play-designed structure is mainly perfect for your venue so that it is convenient for the kids to have a good time. These are suitable for the active and fun mode and 100% sage and clean. We bring you the best-designed indoor play areas that are mainly enabled with ball pools, slides, bridges, and more. It is quite an efficient option for developing better problem-solving skills. Normally, the children could easily enjoy playing in these beautifully designed play models. Mainly, physical activity is most important for every child so that they become healthier in both the emotional and physical.

Dream Garden is a reliable partner and creates unique andbest quality indoor play structures, kids corners, indoor trampoline parks, ninja courses and HiT iT! Arenas. Our indoor play structures are made in China from 100% commercial grade materials. We hope our indoor play structures for kids, foam machines, trackless trains, and kiddie rides bring equipment owners as much of a return on investment as they do joy to our users.


Dream Garden is your go-to provider of indoor play structures. We have many commercial indoor play structures for sale in addition to turnkey solutions. Dream Garden offers the best in commercial indoor play structures. We are happy toprovideour hands-on experience selling, installing, and delivering indoor play structures of all sizes and shapes.


As a top indoor playground equipment supplier, Dream Garden offers many different indoor play structures, which include:

· Infant modular space with ramp

· Snug Play mini kit

· Tot Town contained fire engine

· Kid, Junior, and Adventure series sets


One of the main benefits of investing in indoor play structures for kids is that they can be used year-round, no matter what the weather might be. When children enjoy themselves on indoor play equipment for home use, they can remain cool and hydrated more easily than when they are outside in the heat. Illnesses related to exposure to the cold can decline, too. Opting for indoor play structures can even be an investment in the longevity of your purchase: A protected environment can ensure that equipment remains free from rust and other types of damage that can occur due to exposure to the elements. Contact us today to get started!


How to do it?

Sort out customer opinions: collect customer site information. The materials needed for the site include site CAD planning drawings, manual sketch drawings, site videos, and other site-related information. This process requires about 3 days to communicate and understand and come up with the first customized children playground equipments design according to customer needs.


Adjustment of the project process: Based on the preliminary work, show the preliminary plan to the customer, and make a reasonable plan for the later implementation of the project, and form a project discussion group with the customer, fully listen to the customers opinions, and discuss the uncompleted parts of the plan , Summarize again.


Final plan formation: After many communications with customers, the final modification plan is formed, and each link of the plan is controlled before the plan is executed.


The whole process can be completed in 7 days

how is turn out? Client’s feedback


Playground in Albania


Indoor playground in Vietnam


Playground in Albania


Indoor trampoline park in India


Indoor playground in USA


Soft play area in china shopping mall


Trampoline park in Kazakhstan




Installation support & production process




Dream garden starts to create fun and healthy lifestyle, and fast growing to be one of the leading playground equipment enterprises in this field. With own experienced design team, professional production and installation engineers, we supplied hundreds of successful projects to all over the world. From plan to installation, our one-stop services will save you much time and money.

Installation :Professional CAD instruction or installed by ourselves directly. Youtube video for each part of installation




Soft play equipment in jungle theme is most common indoor playground. this design have ball pit and trampoline, have many slide, slide on each level is different, on back side have ball blaster game, this design can take good for kids in age group three to eleven, have table and chair for parents, and party area and shoes rank etc...

What's The Best Gift For Kids? Kids Indoor Play Structures?

Do you know what the best gift for kids is? And what are the best things your kids like? There is the problem that we always meet. Every parent all worry about whether the kids like the gift that you buy. So today we will solve the problem by kid's indoor playground!

Wondering what could be the best gift for your kid's upcoming birthday? Just imagine how wonderful it would be to see your son or daughter enjoy all the amenities that an indoor gym has to offer while at the same time being under your watchful eye in a safe and fun environment! And that's not all; you no longer have to talk into your kid to go out to flex his muscles. He can do that right there in his room, right beside his computer, right after he has played his favorite video game on his PC! That is the wonderful idea behind the home gym.

That kind of gift would bring lots of happy hours to boys and to girls. Imaging how much fun your kids are going to get, and not only them but their friends also. And you as a parent going have peace of mind, as your kids will spend more time at home – now when they have a playground in their room all their friends and neighbor's kids will love to play at your home.

Indoor Play Structures for Home - which is a great gift idea for kids all by itself - isn't limited to only what it can do NOW but also what it can do in the future. The original home gym can grow with your children as they grow and adding new equipment to it is as easy as ABC! You can always make modification to the gym equipment to make it more challenging and fun. To make the new additions more attractive, you can present these to your children as part of a Christmas or birthday gift. We all remember how exciting it felt to receive gifts and if that gift is an addition to an already exciting package of a home gym, your children can't ask for more.

If any of your children are into athletics, a home gym can be a perfect place to hone their skills. Equipment like gymnastic rings will not only help your children develop dexterity but will also aid in improving their sense of equilibrium. Won't you just love to give your children the advantage over other kids by providing them the facilities at home?

All in all, a home gym is a perfect gift for kids. It helps them to build strength; do better in physical education classes at school, and builds lifelong good habits. Indoor playground is a safe, affordable gift for your kids which will provide your children with great indoor fun in the summer – when their friends come to play and in winter time when kids gain lot of unused energy.

Now you can know send what the best gift for kids, and your kids will be more happy to get your gift. Set an indoor play structures will be a clever decision.


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