4000 square meters indoor children's playground
4000 square meters indoor children's playground

4000 square meters indoor children's playground

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4,000 square meters of indoor children's playground, including projects including1. Tube Slide, normal slide with ball pool and interactive screen 2. Trampoline with web velcro 3. Ninja adventure with foam pit 4. Donut slide 5. Toddler zone 6. Pretend play 7. Wal climbing 8. Zip line 9. Sand play area 10. Zorbing 11. Net maze 12 Gun shooting 13 hurdles and maze 14 lego wall 15 merry go round 16 water play


How does indoor play equipment park improve the customer experience?

be799f55980a1774128ff83e9d3e469.pngIn today's increasingly serious homogenization of indoor play equipment Park, customer experience is a very important point in modern indoor indoor play equipment Park, mainly including indoor play equipment and indoor play equipment Park services. So, what can be done to make the customer experience of the children's amusement park better? Here, Dream garden playground company  will show you how to make the customer experience in indoor play equipment Park.

Correct indoor play equipment Park Equipment

What type of indoor play equipment park to operate? Choose the indoor play equipment park equipment that matches it. At present, there are many kinds of children's amusement equipment on the market, and the choice must be careful, because amusement facilities are the cornerstone of the operation of indoor play equipment Park. How to choose? Before returning to this question, let's ask you a question: "What should be considered first when buying amusement equipment?" I believe that many people's answer is "price", or subconsciously looking for products with "price sunglasses". . . It's the quality, not the price, my friends! We should understand that it is by taking advantage of people's greed for petty bargains that unknown  products can be like a duck to water in the market.

The current vane for the selection of indoor play equipment amusement park equipment seems to be novel and novel, reminding everyone that while pursuing novelty, we cannot relax the requirements for the quality of amusement equipment. Because novelty does not mean good equipment, unscrupulous manufacturers are good at doing what they like, producing some seemingly novel and fashionable amusement equipment to "get the heat".


Indoor play equipment Park has thoughtful service

indoor play equipment Park staff are required to enter the state from the moment customers step into the store, including polite greetings, helping customers lead the way, introducing the park overview, park activities, and solving problems in time when customers have problems.

Pay attention to children's play experience. Normally, after parents bring their children to the indoor play equipment, they will watch from the side and let the children play by themselves. If the child is a newcomer, there will be a strong sense of strangeness, so it is necessary for the staff to lead the child to play and introduce the operation of children's play equipment. In addition, children like to ask some weird questions. This requires the staff of the park to give patient answers. After answering, slowly guide the children's questions to the amusement machine, teach them how to do it, and give the children the direction of positive energy. , so that children can be inspired by playing and slowly develop good habits.


Parents should also pay attention to their experience. Parents rest at the side of the park. When they are free, they can take the initiative to pour a glass of water for them, talk about interesting things in the park, and talk about the inspiration their children get. As well as teaching children to do good deeds, etc., while instilling in parents that the indoor play equipment is not only for fun, but also education and so on. Coupled with the pictures of the staff patiently answering the children and explaining the pictures, I believe that parents will have a good impression of indoor play equipment park.


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