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China Soft play equipment manufacturers

China Soft play equipment manufacturers

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Browse through our catalog to see the kinds of commercial playground equipment we offer to our customers! Don’t see what you are looking for? Contact us today for a custom solution!

Soft play company is designer and manufacture Soft Play Equipment and Indoor Play Centres with 20 years experience, have done over 300 children’s play areas for our customers.

We care about the most highest quality ours soft play areas, all our soft play equipment and full safety for children!

As a leading soft play manufacturer and supplier, Dream garden  company represents the future of leisure activities. Using modern and safe materials we build and install soft play equipment: Indoor play centres, Adventure play systems, Indoor soft play equipment, any soft plat cebtres and outdoor playgrounds, play buses, any slides, any bouncy castles and soft play areas for kids.

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We offer a diverse range of high quality professional services to clients not only in China but worldwide. Whatever your needs are, we’ll find the right theme for you and will help set up a playground of your choice to create a fun and entertaining area for children of different ages.

We offer a diverse range of high quality professional services to clients not only in the UK but worldwide. Whatever your needs are, we’ll find the right theme for you and will help set up a playground of your choice to create a fun and entertaining area for children of different ages.

Soft play company is a company with traditions in creative design and quality installment of play structures, such as inflatable bouncy castles, slides, trampolines of all sizes and colors, play buses, small economy soft play areas and large fantasy worlds with all kinds of entertainment for little adventurers.

Active kids – healthy kids, therefore we work with many communities, companies, trade centers and other organizations to help create a better environment for children all over the world!

Have you ever wondered how to make an unique and unforgettable summer for your child? Of course, Yes. Because all the parents want to ensure their babies with the developing active rest. Many soft play equipment suppliers pleasant minutes little active children would gain with softplay centers. This is an unique opportunity to combine game with sports, entertainment and development. Every day of the hot season would be spent by commercial indoor play equipment

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your baby splashing in pool with cool water. And maybe he would better prefer cottage play-zone to the water playground? Children’s inflatable play-centers would bring them softplay suppliersinto the magic world of incredible adventures. A rich selection of such centers in our list really implements for real all children’s fantasies. A kid can choose the Magic Castle, play centre equipment pirate boat, Goldfish or bright Rainbow. Due to the abundance of colors and characters of inflatable centers eyes of everybody would flee around, even adults’ eyes! In addition, all children’s inflatable centers without exceptions are made of high quality durable materials. Center’s easiness of installation and mobility gives you an soft play equipment suppliers ability to take child’s favorite game anywhere.   They offer a rich leisure experiences for kids and good rest for parents. After all, your kids, hooked on a realized dream, would be protected well and their safety would be guaranteed.

Buying children’s playhouse, you would give your child an own play space. Cozy and bright tent does  not take a lot of space, but for children it is quite enough. There are doors and windows in it, which are flowing enough light. Playhouse is made of vinyl, so it would indoor play centre suppliersserve a long time, and colors would not become darker at the sun. There also may be provided metal frame to ease the assembly process. Children’s play centers give the child an opportunity to adventure play systems play and develop at the same time. Our houses are not exceptions: a child older than three years would be able to come up with a lot of entertaining games.

Our game centers may represent two swimming pools: one is small and  it is designed for kids, and the other is Dream garden playground company big, where older children can even dive. Inflatable arches in a variety of colors are equipped with the cylinders, and inflatable slide can be a favorite pastime for children. In addition, you can connect them to a hose and it would create splashing cool fountains. Miniature water park is adorned with inflatable palm tree. All children’s inflatable centers are made in bright colors that immediately attract your attention. Each basin has its own drain valve so there would not be Dream garden playground company any problems with their maintenance. Each kit includes a special gutter that blocks the overflow and repair kit. Pumps are not included into the standard kits.

Inflatable play center in the form of hill is an excellent facility not only for domestic swimming pools, but also for sports and children’s pools. Often swimming in the pool among children, especially not experienced in swimming, may result in into light injuries while trying to enter the water. Now, swimming in a pool for your children soft play centre manufacturers can be not only beneficial to the health, but also a pleasant experience thanks to mini attraction such as slides. Made of adventure play systems durable and elastic rubber, in the original design, slides would fittingly take their place in any play complex.

What boy does not like cars? Your son cannot live without them too? Then give him for his birthday an inflatable play center! Its design is perfect for both home and street. In this car your little one would himself like a real driver, and he may be accompanied with funny friends such as an elephant or a lion. Pressing the yellow horn, your boy would travel softplay suppliers into an imaginary journey by road. Inflatable car-play center is a wonderful gift for your son and his friends. Because it is so interesting to steer the wheel of a small automobile!

Imagine that not only do you dream about your own house in the village. Your children have the play equipment same dreams! But they are happy already with just a small toy-house, ad you can easily inflate it up to the slot size. Even if you cannot afford a real house, you always can please your baby with such an inflatable game center! The fact of the matter is that this toy is a small copy of the real house in the village, about which you dream were about. Your baby would certainly love such a toy, because there he would play indoor play centre suppliers a lot of interesting and exciting games. And if parents would invite baby’s friends – it would be doubly fun.

Inflatable bouncers

Why are the bouncers so useful?

Constant movement is a natural condition of any child. Most kids are ready from morning to evening be running, play centre equipment jumping, somersaulting, etc. Unfortunately, modern adverse conditions result in a growing number of children are observed with the tempo delay in physical development.

Kids start walking later, their motor system is not developed well, they do poorly coordinate their movements. There are many causes of such development delay: birth trauma, malnutrition, lack of soft play centre manufacturers functional activity of the digestive system, causing suction violations of essential nutrients, endocrine changes, etc.

Although this condition is reversible, it is important to pay attention to it in time. Because the child’s psychological development is directly linked to his physical health. And here it is appropriate to play equipment stay on that, why the bouncers are so useful?

Firstly, the use of the trampoline is safe and the child does not receive any injuries if has fallen.

Secondly, a trampoline is very attractive for the baby. Children would jump with pleasure again and again, crawl, somersault, roll, etc. Positive emotions that occur during the performance of the play centre manufacturers  trampoline would help your child to become stronger physically and would facilitate the harmonization of his mental state.

What else is useful in playing with trampoline?

Jumping and other forms of physical activity that can be exercised by children on the trampoline are organic. And, by the way, in-depth classes in sports sections often deplete the adaptation reserves of child’s organism, and, on the other hand, can lead to various indoor play eqyuipment diseases and disorders. The trampoline can become a good preliminary exerciser for strengthening the general condition of an organism of the child and preparing it to other sports.

In addition, exercising on commercial indoor play equipmentthe trampoline, developing the coordination, vestibular system, training the respiratory and cardiovascular systems is simple simultaneously for children of different ages.

That is why the trampoline is an universal acquisition for years. Trampoline has another advantage: it does not occupy much space and can be easily dismantled or moved to another location.

Trampolining for health strengthening

Already in 3-4 years children can bounce at place, jump into the long distances, gently move forward and jump indoor play eqyuipment off from a small height. But their jumps at this age still very awkward, hard and on the entire foot.

Kids do plunge on straight legs especially shaky from the height and their hands usually are not participating in motion. Due to the lack of coordination development, their landings are far from perfect. Children fall on hard straight legs, do not put them simultaneously, land the ground play centre manufacturers on the whole foot immediately without elastic transition from the toe on the heel. By landing this way baby overloads the fragile foots, that contributes the emergence and development of flatfoot and micro-traumas.

The most important thing in this age is to teach the child to jump easily and gently. Trampolining for health promotion would help to  consolidate the motor skills. It is better to start learning with bouncing on the ground on two legs.

The kid would quickly find out that if to start jumping from the trampoline a little stronger and with toes, the jump would  be higher. Trampolining for health promotion would help to teach a child to land first on toes and then for the rest of the foot.

The exercises would help to develop these skills, such as jumping up to the raised hands of an adult person,  Bunny game (a small height jumping on two feet, with a touchdown on toes), etc.

Older children also need trampolining for health promotion: a child can perform jumps with twists and turns, long jumps with feet together and apart. Bouncing on two feet, your child may move forward with frequent and not wide jumps.

Trampoline would be fine also for teaching a child jumping off the height, mastering the skill of a soft landing on the toes with gradual transition on the whole foot.

Soft play area equipment

Children’s leisure activities are one of the mainstreams nowadays. Children love them, parents are willing to pay money to make their children happy. It is fun, comfortable and useful. Soft play areas have become extremely popular within the last decade. Children soft play equipment is rather affordable, of high quality and a great selection. Soft play rooms are the most popular playground equipment for parks, playgrounds, shopping malls, entertainment centers, cafes and restaurants. In a fight for customers, soft play area equipment manufacturers/suppliers reduce prices and create more and more new models. Competition on the market of soft play areas for the active leisure time is rather serious. On our site, you can find unique models and ones that are very popular around the world. Any customer can find something for his needs and even find soft play equipment for sale.

Soft play area for sale

While children with passion and pleasure have fun in soft areas, their parents can easily shop around or relax in the café. Business owners know that presence of bright game room with soft play area equipment is beneficial to allocate the competitors. Besides, children’s soft playrooms can be not only addition to their parent’s activities, but the main goal of their visit. Big, interesting, high quality play ground will attract many clients.

In our catalogue, you can find not just a children’s game complex, but multi-level maze game with safe and soft play equipment. In a soft play room, children can jump on a trampoline, go through the maze, climb soft stairs, sloping down the hill in a spacious swimming pool with balls, beat numerous boxing pears. The main mission of such soft play grounds are to amuse kids, to keep them active and to make them have fun. There is no bigger happiness for parents than to see their child happy. It is worth mentioning that you can find soft play area for sale for a better price. Recommended soft areas are perfectly safe in their construction and materials. They protect children from getting hurt with soft play equipment.

Soft play area equipment manufacturers/suppliers

In addition to standard models of children soft play equipment, you can order individual children’s soft playroom and game maze under the specific size of the premises, taking into account the wishes of the shape, design and content of soft play area equipment. This gives you an opportunity to create something special that would distinguish your play area from the competitors. Use your creativity and think of what you want and need. Think of a budget and free space. Also, consider the age of future visitor. The soft play ground should be appropriate for the target group. Variety of soft play area equipment manufacturers/suppliers are ready to satisfy the needs of the most picky customers.

We offer modern equipment for playgrounds, parks, shopping malls, supermarkets, entertainment centers, cafes and restaurants. Adult visitors will thank you, because they can safely make purchases, exercise, talk or work, while their children have fun and do not distract parents. Installing the soft and nice playground, you will stand out from the competitors and attract new visitors.

The main goal is to make children happy. Bright colors of soft play equipment for sale attract their attention, thus making kids want to spend time there and be active instead of watching cartoons or playing computer games. We are offering only the best soft play area equipment of high quality. There are some very popular models among soft play area for sale. They are all safe and bring a lot of fun to kids. What can be more important than making children happy and more pleasant to see their happy smiles!

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