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How long does it take to open a family entertainment center?

How long does it take to open a family entertainment center?

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Opening an Family Entertainment Center requires not only finding a venue, but also purchasing Family Entertainment Center Eequipment, installation equipment, venue decoration, promotion and recruitment, etc. Many friends want to know how long it will take to open a Family Entertainment Center from the preliminary preparations to the official opening. This will allow you to better predict the opening time. In the process of opening a store, there are many uncontrollable factors, so you need to be prepared so as not to miss the normal opening time or a better opening time. For example, the time to find a venue and find a brand to cooperate are uncontrollable factors. If you are lucky, you can find it in a week. If you are unlucky, it may take one year. No matter what, you can't be in a hurry and start casually. ! Measuring the site, designing CAD renderings, production, transportation, installation, cleaning, etc. are all controllable factors, and time is a good budget.

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  1. Measurement site

    If the area is not large, the site can be measured by the buyer, or the manufacturer can assign a surveyor to come and measure it. The site survey doesn't take much time, it only takes one day.

  2. Design CAD renderings

    Generally speaking, the renderings are produced in 3-5 days, and with the later revisions, the draft can basically be finalized within a week. Of course, there are some special cases. For example, the site area is more than 1000 square meters

  3. Production

    Family Entertainment Center Equipment is a non-customized product. Generally speaking, the production period of a set of Family Entertainment Center equipment is about 30 days, and some may take 45 days. Because all products are custom made by hand, it takes so long for the factory in time to complete a set of high quality custom products

  4. Transportation

    Shipping time depends on the distance of the journey. Generally, Southeast Asia takes 15 days, and South America and Europe require a 30-day voyage.

  5.  Installation

    Usually there is an experienced installation team who will arrive at the same time as the Family Entertainment Center equipment. The length of installation depends on the size of the venue and the ease of installation of the amusement equipment. The time is 35 days, two workers, the site size is 1000 square meters

  6. Clean up the venue

    After the Family Entertainment Center equipment is installed, it is necessary to do some simple sanitation and cleaning work. If it is a venue of about 100 square meters, it can be cleaned up in about two days. For the ocean balls, which are more troublesome to clean, there are special ocean ball cleaning machines, which are more convenient to clean.

    On the whole, it takes more than a month to exclude uncontrollable factors, that is to say, if you have already found a venue, then it will take about a month from the design drawings to the finished product presentation of the children's playground. Of course, this is only a rough budget, if If you want to prepare enough for the opening of the children's park, try to budget the time to 6 months, so that even if there are some accidents in the process, you don't have to worry about affecting the opening time.

Title: How long does it take to open a family entertainment center?
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