Indoor Playground Equipment Prices
Indoor Playground Equipment Prices

Indoor Playground Equipment Prices

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Indoor Playground Can Help to Educate Kids to Be Self-dependent


From front and from back side in this indoor playground equipment are full with play events. On front have big fiber glass slide and spiral slide dump to a ball pit, have ladder, tunnel and single slide. From back side have obstacle and lot of bridge. the color of this set are so rich, playground like this one perfect for a small play center.


  Description of Indoor Playground Equipment 

  Measurements (mm)

  Customized according to different area


  ISO14001, ISO18000, ISO9001, GS Certificate from TUV Company of Germany


  Check the design for reference


  A. Plastic parts: Imported LLDPE
B. Post: National standard galvanized steel pipe
C. Metals: Galvanized
D. Deck, stair, bridge: Wood inside with sponge , rubber or powder cover

  E. Outer cover: Soft Covering PVC

  (Different material is available at your demand. )




d.Environmental protection
e.Color is not easy to fade


  Professional CAD instruction ,assembly procedure and project case .

  Age Range

  3--12 age


  Customized according to different area

  Apply to

  Amusement park, kindergarten, preschool, residential area .


  standard export packing,Soft Covering PVC

  Warranty Period

   5 years


  Free design


  A. Please check the screws and other catchers of equipment regularly.

  B. Please use the equipment within the age ranged (3-12), children under 6 play with adult supervision.

  C. Blunt objects and acid corrosive liquor are forbidden.


Indoor Playground Can Help to Educate Kids to Be Self-dependent

While some people attempt to lead a life of complete self-dependence, others prefer to rely on the assistance of friends, relatives or neighbors whenever and wherever possible. This raises the question: is it better to be self-reliant or, instead, to rally on those around us? In my opinion, while self-reliance is an important quality that everyone should strive to develop, it is important that we know how to enlist and accept the support of others. Our young generation, are in particular need to learn to be self-dependent for their further development. Therefore, places like schools or indoor playgrounds should pay more attention to children's development in this aspect.

One reason that self-dependence is valuable attribution is that it can improve our efficiency and productivity. In our everyday lives, there will always be accessions when we are unable to obtain outside assistance and have to depend on our own knowledge and problem-solving skills. In these situations, people who habitually rely on others will find themselves at a loss and end up sitting around idly until they can be "saved". In contrast, those who trust their own powers and judgement will find a creative solution to the problem at hand, enabling them to be more productive and successful. This is exactly the character that kids need while they are playing games in the indoor playground or other places.

In addition to fostering greater efficiency in our daily lives, self-dependence can also help to make life more meaningful. Because self-dependent individuals possess confidence in their own ability, they also tend to be more willing to try new things on their own. For example, they might teach themselves how to play the equipment, how to use tools, and how to think out a way to finish the task. We can almost say that indoor playground provide them with the chance to be willing to behave independently.

Finally, though it is difficult to survive without the assistance from others, kids will no doubt gain more about how to lead a wonderful life according to their own effort. However, we have to bear in mind that dependencies on ourselves doesn't mean that we have to live in an isolated island where we connect no one except ourselves. Instead, it is an important way to teach our kids on our mutual assistance, and children should be more active in helping others out when they are in need while playing in the indoor playground.

In a word, indoor playground is no more than a place only for fun, but now also a place for character cultivation.


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