DIY indoor playground
DIY indoor playground

DIY indoor playground

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No matter small indoor playground for home use, restaurant, coffer shop or community activity center. Or hundreds square meter multi-function indoorplayground for commercial use in supermarket.


This indoor playground design have five set of kids carousal for toddler play, have a stage for kids to sing and dance. Have trampoline and big ball pit for kids to explore, also with spiral slide on level two and fiber glass slide on level three. The theme of this play structure is jungle. Also with kids house and rope climbing tunnel etc...

Indoor Playground Is Like a Box of Chocolate

“Life is like a box of chocolate, you will never know what you are going to get”. This is a famous proverb from a well known movie Forest Gump. I am impressed by the movie because it encourages me to chase after what I’m fond of from the bottom of my heart instead of being controlled by other people. We should take such attitude when we are facing with different situations and many things in our life should be treated as a box of chocolate. As far as I’m concerned, the indoor playground, which plays an important role in children’s life, is also a box of chocolate in which children will never know what is going to happen on them. It is helpful for children to find out what is waiting for by themselves in the indoor play equipment without the interruption from parents, because only in this way, kids can get a chance to find the treasure of life in the indoor playground.

Firstly, in the indoor play structures, they never know what kinds of friends they are going to make. Kids are looking forwards to make new friends and parents want the friends your kids around your kids in the indoor playground are well educated and polite, so most of the time, parents will choose a friend for them instead of leaving them alone to get to know some interesting friends by themselves. Parents think they are doing this for the goodness of kids, while such action hinder the development of character, if kids are allowed to make friends by themselves, a lot of change may seen to happen on them.

Secondly, they’ll never know the day in the indoor playground is filled with happiness or sorrow. Early in the morning, you set up to kids soft play equipment to have activities with ecstasy, you though today will no doubt be a jocund day. But while your kids are playing, he suddenly fell off and get hurt on the arm, they cried to complain about the activities and said they’ll never play the games again. However, after the pain is gone they joined the game again and play happily as if nothing has happened. What they have learned from this? It is that life is filled with hurt and obstacles, but things will move on after wiping your tears and forget the pains.

All in all, life is a journey filled with mystery, while indoor playground is like a box of chocolate filled with different flavors, you’ll never know what your kids are going to get in the indoor playground while playing with other kids!


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