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The Best Indoor Playground Franchise in the Industry

The Best Indoor Playground Franchise in the Industry

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All children who take classes at our indoor playground franchise can enjoy music, art, gym, dance, cooking, reading, singing, science, sports, and more

Parents are extremely impressed with Dream garden and our open scheduling makes their lives easier. Our expertise in creating one of the best kids franchises has allowed us to find immense success. Entrepreneurs that are looking to capitalize on the kids franchise industry will be impressed with both our business model and unit economics.

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A Sizeable Opportunity

Dream garden  represents a sizable opportunity. On average, our current Franchise Owners generate about $330,580 in annual sales. We have worked hard to keep investment costs achievable. You can own your very own Dream garden  indoor playground franchise for $188,700 - $398,120.

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This estimate includes: the Franchise Fee, travel and training expenses, rent and security deposits, build out costs, furniture and fixtures, technology and software, Grand Opening assistance and advertising, playground equipment and supplies, and license fees. An investment into the Dream garden  kids indoor playground franchise team also includes the full backing of corporate support and a highly skilled network of entrepreneurs. Once you join the company, you’ll meet and interact with current indoor playground Franchise Owners and corporate employees. For the entirety of your career, you’ll have access to the tools and programs developed specifically to support Dream garden indoor playground  Franchise Owners. Don’t let this opportunity slip away - with 300+ current locations, our spots are filling up quickly.

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Title: The Best Indoor Playground Franchise in the Industry
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