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How does the fec family entertainment center choose equipment?

How does the fec family entertainment center choose equipment?

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FEC family entertainment center, as an entertainment venue that is extremely popular with children today, not only brings joy to children, but also allows children to acquire more common sense in it. For operators of FEC, it is very important to purchase suitable amusement equipment, not only in terms of appearance, style, quality, etc. of the equipment, so as to attract children to play. Many businesses don't know how to choose children's play equipment, what aspects to consider, what type of play equipment to choose, and tell you from several aspects.

True Family Entertainment Centers

bowling alleys.

indoor play equipment

  • skating centers.

  • golf driving ranges.

  • arcades/gamerooms.

  • pizza restaurants.

  • laser tag centers.

  • sports facilities.

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01. age

The age range of children, due to the difference in age and talent, the design of children of different ages should be different. Play equipment that kids can play with can be hard for kids to get twisty about, but too easy to get bored, so buy according to age directions.

1. Weak safety awareness and lack of self-protection ability, you can choose amusement equipment such as electric swing cars.

2. Curious and adventurous, you can choose castles, combined slides, sand pools, children's playgrounds, and breakthroughs in wisdom and courage.

3. Skilled and slightly challenging intellectual games, optional indoor rock climbing, rope exploration, indoor expansion and other challenging adventure entertainment equipment.

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02.Visual experience

Children's playgrounds are mainly facilities for children to play, and the visual experience is very important, which is also a point that entrepreneurs should pay attention to. Bright colors and odd shapes are sure to catch the interest of many kids. Play equipment should have some characteristics. Children can learn and develop their own hobbies, to please their inner characteristics, simple and easy to understand, unique and interesting, and rational use of limited space can not only promote healthy growth of the body, but also leave a good impression on children and parents.

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03. Price

The price of children's amusement equipment, the price of different equipment will be different. Based on the above factors, how to choose products and services at the same price is the primary issue that upper-tier manufacturers should consider. High price is not necessarily good, low price and good service are impossible, there are only better choices, you must make the right choice with your own eyes.

(1) Materials and materials used

Materials and materials are mixed together, so when we choose equipment or plan the consequences and equipment of the manufacturer, it is best to check with the manufacturer first, and check with the labor workshop, so that we can intuitively know whether the price is worth buying.

(2) Cost-effectiveness of equipment

If we can visit more manufacturers and compare them together, many manufacturers in the market have calculated the equipment that we can meet in terms of funds and have no burden, but some are 4-5 square meters, some are 7-8 hundred square meters, and some are 1-2 thousand square meters. , so the price difference is huge, but why is it so big? Because of differences in information, quality, and appearance, high-priced products are not necessarily better, but low-priced products are definitely not as good as high-priced products. Therefore, at the moment of purchasing equipment, I hope everyone can consider it as appropriate!

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The quality of children's playground equipment directly affects the safety of consumers and their choice and use, but if you only focus on appearance and ignore product quality when choosing equipment, it will directly affect future use. First of all, it is necessary to know whether the manufacturer has been inspected and identified by the quality supervision department and whether there is a product quality certificate. Check whether the quality meets the international material evaluation standards to ensure that the products are environmentally friendly. Quality inspection must be strictly controlled, and the materials of the equipment must be more careful. When buying amusement equipment, we can operate from these aspects, which can help us buy better amusement equipment, not only with high quality, but also with relatively favorable prices.

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