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commercial indoor play structures for kids

commercial indoor play structures for kids

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commercial indoor play structures

What we have for you?

A turn-key solution: Wonka Playground provides a turn-key solution for the commercial indoor playground. If you want to run an indoor playground business, then, you can choose a turn-key model to reduce the cost of your indoor playground.

Custom design: Definitely, the safe environment and interesting game experience are the most important factors that our designers consider. Even more, our designers can provide you with specialized indoor playground plans based on your area size and budget. Exactly, we can not only provide the custom indoor playground structure for business owners but also can provide fun soft play customized for your playground. For example, we have special toddler indoor play equipment for the little child. So, they can have lots of fun in such a soft play playground.

High quality: Our goal is to provide our customers with high-quality, creative and reasonably priced commercial indoor playground equipment that bring joy and value to every child and parent. We utilize superior material to manufacture the play equipment for kids to have lasting fun.

Reasonable price: Usually, the cost may vary because of the playground equipment sizes. We offer you different custom designs with a corresponding price. For example, the total cost of an infant play area will be different from a complete adventure playground with ramps, tubes, and slides.

Risk assessment: If you don’t know how to run an indoor playground and how big the investment risk of your playground business will be. We suggest you fill in our risk assessment questionnaire.

What kids can get from the indoor playground equipment?

Studies have shown that playground equipment can exercise physical coordination, improve communication and study skills while enhancing self-confidence. Except for this, you can still get other benefits from our play equipment:

Fun and thrill: Kids can release their imagination with our bright, attractive, colorful equipment. Also, our design is based on how children play, as well as how they develop, so, children can improve their creativity and social interaction while playing in our indoor playground.

Inclusive and active: With our customized indoor play equipment, children of all ages and abilities will have their own fun safely. Kids need active play! Our indoor playground equipment can create fun and innovative activities for the kids.

Title: commercial indoor play structures for kids
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