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China commercial indoor playground equipment supplier

China commercial indoor playground equipment supplier

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What Makes  a DREAM GARDEN indoor playground manufacture special?

Once upon time, while we are a young kids, we always looking forward to celebrating Chinese new year, because we will get presents and toys. when the day comes, we never get what we really want. Since then, we had a dream for our next generation for all the thing we were missing during our childhood. So begin this company, is kind of our dream, given the name of Dream&garden coming from. We want to build a dream for our kids like all the flowers in the garden, safe&sound, well-raised.

That’s the basic concept of our action to start this company, as people saying, the step you take no need to be big, as long as it takes you to the right direction. Hope that is the direction we take, making the world a better playground.

For our kids play, grow, and thrive. Something are confusing us, does this sound familiar, almost every company would say, i alway look after our clients, always be supportive, actually, we never do, for indoor  playground business, our true customer is our kids, but very few people will consider that. We always put the adult idea and feeling to priority, first is always be profit , never wonder what kind of feeling the kids have, that is our main concern. that is the key difference we have, distinguish from other company. From pointview of children, we consider ourselves as a innocent kids.

For that, we come up with many great idea, use our imagnation to creat most spendid way to have fun, while we are building our playground castle. imagination can be great tool to combine everything together, it seems all the element can be useful ,from the magic world to the dreamland. from modern city to the ancient world, from the jungle to the wizarding world. From nowhere and everywhere. that is what we do. with our unlimited though, we can make incredible world for kids to have learn the world differently. with our pure faith and key concept of running our company, we start our story with our small dream, our Dream&Garden. With our strong faith and pursuit of happiness of our kids, we begin our journey, sail on the sea world of fun, explore the adventure with our dream, from Dream&garden to the Dreamland, as long as we have faith, we believe, on the way to the children playground business, we will never be alone, let’s joint together ,make the world better playground. Whatever you do, keep doing it, time will tell.

Innovative concept

At dream garden, we flow the top trend in the world.From spacecraft to the fair tale. We dare to think differently.That makes us have great mind together with designing element for all kind of indoor play design ideas.

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Make dream garden as a children's Dream garden

As all the indoor playground factory in china, they all think the same thing. Follow the instruction of clients(adults) which means they never to think in the end-user(kids). They don't know what the kids like, and how they want to have their Dream garden to be.That's where we come to. We were able to think in the kid's position.Before we make any design, we follow the heart of kid's best interests.We will consider all range of option for kids to gain,not just for fun,but life experience.We never forget who we really serve for. To create it the best Dream garden as a real  play-center for kids. Not just for money.  That is our key principle of our company standing for,which makes a great and distinct from others.

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Safety is always be our main  priority

As we design the indoor play area, we will go through every Conner of playing zone to check the hazard of possibility, We will ensure every kids playing our equipment can having all the fun without thinking any hiding danger. All the material we choosing to make the equipment will follow the strict rule of ECO-FRIENDLY and kid's safety. 

This is the meaning of our company's existence, I hope we can continue to contribute our strength to the cause of children

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