Affordable commercial playground equipment
Affordable commercial playground equipment

Affordable commercial playground equipment

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We provide commercial playground equipment to schools, churches, parks, HOAs, day care facilities and many other public and private commercial entities. We pride ourselves on providing safe, affordable and unique age appropriate outdoor play equipment nationwide.


Kindergarten explores the water world

Playing with water is the nature of every child. However, with the increasingly critical eyes of these little consumers, simply playing with water is far from meeting their needs. How to make innovations in the appearance, gameplay and interactivity of water play equipment? The company's latest "Water Castle" series combination, through a series of highly interactive games, allows children to easily experience various wonderful and interesting physical and natural phenomena in the process of playing with water. New and interesting.

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Different from the analog amusement equipment in the general sense, Shui Lebao follows the mechanical principle and adopts an industrial standard interactive structure to realize an interesting experience that originates from life and is higher than life, so that not only children are involved in it, but adults are also willing to try, and truly achieve Educate and entertain, the effect of family interaction.

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The beautifully decorated stainless steel pool, the intersection of colorful lights, and various gear connections with a sense of technology, the eyes are firmly grasped from a distance; gear windmills, hand-cranked whirlpools, spiral water towers and other wonders in nature , and even more amazing in this small pool; the water gun shoots the ball to make a curved motion, shakes the well to turn the gear waterwheel, the bucket pours water and sprinkles on the wind chime, the pleasant sound of water, waterwheel, wind Ringtones make people feel happy; a series of dazzling coordination increases the intimacy between parents and children invisibly... The "Water Music Castle" series with several arrangements and combinations is so capricious and so fun! Come and experience a trip to the fantasy world of water with a waterwheel and a windmill flying together!

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We provide commercial playground equipment to schools, churches, parks, HOAs, day care facilities and many other public and private commercial entities. We pride ourselves on providing safe, affordable and unique age appropriate outdoor play equipment nationwide.

Custom Playground Equipment - Our Mission

Our goal is to provide a winning team of educated playground consultants that will flawlessly guide you through the process of purchasing your new or replacement outdoor playground equipment. Our experts would love to help you create the outdoor play equipment of your dreams while keeping to your budget. We are honored to be considered for your commercial playgrounds and we vow to make the process the most pleasant and exciting as it should be. After all, school and park playground equipment is supposed to provide a fun and engaging way for children to release their excitement and energies.

You can trust our company to supply you with age-appropriate playgrounds and even offer the unique ability to create a custom outdoor play equipment structure to your specifications. Our custom commercial playgrounds can be the basis of a new playground area, or can be added to your current church playground equipment or school playgrounds for a fresh new look and feel. We can design custom theme play equipment that compliments your color schemes and even includes your favorite animals or mascot! Whether you are planning a design for entire play structures or a single free-standing play event, we will do a custom rendering and build your conceptual play equipment and offer our services to fine-tune it any way you can imagine. We will also help you to make improvements on your play equipment design ideas before producing your custom commercial playgrounds.

How to Buy Playground Equipment

Our staff has extensive experience in the industry and we know that buying high dollar items online can be intimidating. But as a leader in commercial playgrounds, we are here to put your worries to rest by providing you a turnkey service that takes all the guesswork out of buying outdoor playground equipment. The process has been simplified so you don't have to invest your time or concern into your custom playground project:

First, our Playground Experts will size up at your available space and dimensions. Next, they will consider both the physical and developmental needs of the children you are accommodating. Once that is determined, they are all about sticking to your set budget while ensuring your outdoor play equipment project is in full ADA compliance and maximized for play value.

Our vast selection of outdoor playground equipment ranges from preschool playground equipment designed for toddlers and preschoolers, up to and including school aged children. Our outdoor playgrounds are designed to mindfully incorporate accessibility as well, to make sure that all kids of all abilities will have a blast on your outdoor play equipment.

Playground Safety

Safety is always a primary concern for any outdoor play equipment. Our safety surfacing is available in many materials, colors and price points. When you contact us for a playground quote, our experts will also give you some ideas on your surfacing options. Playground flooring can be much more affordable than you may think and it is a critical element for truly safety-focused outdoor playground equipment.

Affordable Outdoor Playground Equipment

Our commercial playgrounds are value priced for affordability without compromising quality. We pride ourselves on our highly competitive pricing and nearly always being able to get our customers a lower price on outdoor playground equipment than our competitors. When you contact us for a quote, you can expect that our Playground Experts will find you the ideal outdoor play equipment for your needs and financial constraints. You will also be quoted the best freight quotes and installation prices we can find which means added buying power for your actual play equipment. Ultimately all these savings add up to more play value which means some very happy kids! And that is what residential and commercial playgrounds are all about!

Custom Playground Equipment specializes in commercial playgrounds and equipment. If you are in need of outdoor playground equipment for your commercial, municipal or military fitness play equipment, we are here to serve you. As national suppliers of commercial playgrounds, we have an exciting opportunity to create play equipment custom made to order. If you have a project idea that seems beyond reach, please consider trusting us to execute it with precision and enthusiasm! Contact us today at for your FREE project quote. Our Qualified Playground Consultants are here to discuss your outdoor playground equipment project and help see it all come to fruition.