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where to buy a playground equipment?

where to buy a playground equipment?

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When choosing playground equipment, we can divide it into roughly two categories: Commercial indoor playground and outdoor playground equipment. These two types are unpowered amusement equipment, not the kind used in large parks, such as roller coasters and pendulums.

When we go to understand this industry, we all need to ask a few questions, how to choose a more suitable product and an honest playground supplier and where to buy it?


First of all, what we can understand most intuitively is the design. If the customer has a venue, then the initial appearance of the design is very important. After all, a person will not buy a design that he does not like. So the initial design is very important. From site planning to design, this is the first and most important step. At this time, we can search for several factories to do this. Generally, we can search for suitable factories through google search, and alibaba, made-in-china B2B platforms, and even now we can also obtain factory information through some social media. So here comes the key point. How do we proceed with so many choices? This is the doubt of many customers. Next we share some tips on how to find factories


1. The positioning of cities. In China, manufacturers of unpowered playground equipments are generally concentrated in coastal cities such as Wenzhou city, Guangzhou city, Jiangsu city, and other places are generally trading companies whose service and quality cannot meet customer requirements. For products The quality of the product cannot be controlled. After all, it is too far away from the factory to communicate with the factory some questions about the product in time. Nor can it supervise and guarantee the production process.

2. Regarding the playground price, in terms of price, customers will always find lower prices, which will make customers hesitate in the decision to choose a factory. How to solve such a problem? Then our suggestion is to find a factory on each of the three platforms. For example, search for a factory on Google, search for a factory on alibaba, and find a factory on made-in-china. No more, because for every customer, time is very precious, and too many choices can make it difficult to make a clear decision. At this time, in the selection process, you can refer to the same design as the three factories for comparison. Remember, it must be the same design, otherwise, the playground price cannot be compared. Finally, in the selection process, according to the customer's own preferences, choose the middle average price. In other words, we remove the highest price and remove the lowest price. Then we choose the middle price, so that we are safer than choosing the factory, and we will not feel that the things we buy are too expensive and not cost-effective, or too cheap and the quality is unreliable.

3. Regarding the service, it is very simple. When we find the factory, whether they are suitable or not can reply in time. This is very important. At this point, many factories in China can respond to you in a timely manner, but the key point is the time required to design a site during the initial design process. Generally speaking, factories with relatively strong strength can design The effect of the teacher is very high. Some small venues can give customers certain feedback on the same day or the next day. But for smaller factories, because designers dont have so much time, the time will be slower. This is also a very important indicator to measure whether a factory's service can meet customer requirements.


Regarding the playground  dealers advice, this is also a very important point. Some customers may not be a user, they will have continuous orders. At this time, it is very important to choose a reliable playground supplier. How to measure this. So our suggestion is to see whether the factory provides timely feedback to customers during the production process, and whether there is supervision and feedback during the delivery process. More importantly, when problems occur, especially when conflicts of interest are involved, can the factory try to help the customer solve the problem from the customers point of view, even in a specific situation, whether the factory will lose some benefits of their own for helping customers to solve problems. This is a issue we often encounter, because no factory is perfect. When a problem occurs, how the factory solves it is an important indicator to measure whether a factory can become a playground dealer

Title: where to buy a playground equipment?
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