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Tips for playing in indoor playground

Tips for playing in indoor playground

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Tips for playing in indoor playground

1. The kids soft play area are for children aged 2-14. All admission is required, one ticket per person.

2. It is forbidden for children under 3 years old to enter the venue alone, please parents do their duty of guardianship.

3. Before entering the venue, everyone must take off their shoes and wear socks, and children are not allowed to wear open pants to enter the venue.

4. Do not bring sharp objects into the facility to avoid scratching the child's body during the game.

5. When playing in the ball pool, please expose your head to the surface of the ball, and do not throw or throw the ball out of the ball area.

6. Do not pull the coconut tree forcefully, so as not to hurt the children by rotating too fast.

7. Do not jump directly from the height of the facility to avoid falling and hurting other children.

8. Children should not turn their heads down when playing trampoline to avoid injury.

9. Do not throw the ball outside the area or hit people with the ball when playing  the interactive ball game.

10. Please do not bring drinks or food into the venue, and it is forbidden to eat or drink in the facility area.

11. The fence of the facility is only for protection, it is forbidden to climb and pull strongly.

12. Children are not allowed to enter the venue when they are sick or feeling not well.

13. It is strictly forbidden to urinate or spit in the play area. In case of child vomiting or emergencies, please contact the staff in time for proper treatment.

14. For safety reasons, the on-site facilities that violate the above regulations and cause injuries to themselves or others will be borne by the person responsible. The site is not responsible for accidents caused by the quality of the facilities.

15. Please take good care of your personal belongings.


Safety Precautions


1. Tell customers the correct way to play, to line up in order, and not to push others when playing, and not to make trouble. Do not run around on the playground, do dangerous actions, such as sliding your feet downwards when sliding on a slide, do not fall onto the slide from the railing outside, do not stand on a swing, etc.

2. Remind customers to be aware of avoiding mobile entertainment facilities and avoid collisions from other customers. When you see other people playing swings and other equipment with large swings, stay away.

3. Tell customers that they must wait for the moving amusement facilities to stop before going up and down. Don't jump down from the rotating swivel chair. Before going down, be sure to see that there are no other treasures or objects in the middle of the road. When jumping, keep your feet on the ground and bend your knees slightly.

4. Don't let the baby hold the hand that has played with the toy in the mouth, nor can it hold the toy. If other babies or adults have sneezing, coughing and other symptoms, try to take them away. Pay attention to the material description of playground equipment. Wood treated with arsenic and paint containing lead are huge safety hazards. Remember, wash your baby's hands immediately after playing.

5. If the playground equipment is wet, tell your baby not to play, because the wet surface will make these equipment very slippery.

6. When playing in the venue, do not wear clothes with a string or a belt tether. Strings, backpack straps, and necklaces may be accidentally hung on the equipment, causing danger.


Title: Tips for playing in indoor playground
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