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Indoor Playground Plan with Price List

Indoor Playground Plan with Price List

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indoor playground price list

Looking for the perfect indoor playground plan for your business? Our comprehensive price list offers a variety of options tailored to meet different needs and budgets. With over a decade of experience in the commercial entertainment play business, we ensure high-quality and safe products that can be trusted.

Indoor Playground Plans

We provide a range of indoor playground plans categorized by area:

  1. 100~300 Sqm Indoor Playgrounds

    • Design Size: 15.74x9.4x3.5M, 16.5x9.5x3M, 16.79x15.14x4M

    • Design Time: 1~2 Days

    • Estimated Price: From 13,000 USD to 21,000 USD

    • Capacity: 15 to 30 children

    • Production Time: 14 to 25 days

  2. 300~500 Sqm Indoor Playgrounds

    • Design Size: 40x12x3M

    • Design Time: 2~3 Days

    • Estimated Price: 79,000 USD

    • Capacity: 40 to 50 children

    • Production Time: 35 to 40 days

Our experienced design and engineering team work meticulously from concept development to market introduction, ensuring that each indoor playground meets the highest standards of quality and safety. Our products are trusted globally, with installations in more than 60 countries.

Why Choose Us?

  • Expertise and Experience: Over 10 years in the industry.

  • High-Quality Products: Safe and durable designs.

  • Global Reach: Installations in more than 60 countries.

  • Unique Business Model: Focus on people-oriented business philosophy.

Create a fun and engaging environment for children with our indoor playground plans. Explore our price list and find the perfect fit for your needs today!

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  • Phone: +8613868643987

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