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Indoor playground franchise cost

Indoor playground franchise cost

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Whether you manage a museum, own a retail center, run a family-friendly restaurant, or want to start up a family entertainment center, adding an indoor playground or play attraction will attract families and help your business grow. Dream garden  playgrounds can be designed to fit any size or budget.


Go with Franchise or deal directly with Manufacturer



Do you have any ideal the different on cost of buy form Manufacturer and indoor playground Franchise? You may think maximum 120% or 140% different on price, The true is 5000% to 700% different. Woooo


For same design in USA you need pay USD190,000. In Europe you need pay USD220,000.

In South America you also need pay USD170,000. Even in some Asia which also cost USD140,000.


Do you know what you can got from china playground manufacturers like us, It is USD48,000, Plus shipping and installation, Maximum budget around USD68,000.



So why you need to get it from Indoor Playground Franchise?


First need to answer a simple question: which model is more safe? Do you know much of your manufacturer?


If the answer is no, then you may consider to buy from distributor, find a good indoor playground franchise who already deal in local and have successful case. Go and visit that place to check the quality and cooperation terms. 


A good indoor playground franchise have lot experience to deal with manufacturer,they know which one offer good quality with competitive price and they know how to make a good cooperation terms with supplier. The local agency take a certain commission but save lot of time, the most important is no risk. Because him is responsible for all product, not from someone which you do not know and thousands miles away. 


But how to deal with indoor playground franchise is quite important. 


Tip! We suggest you find some manufacturer to lean the cooperation terms and price. So you have great advantage on the price range and some knowledge on the quality.


1, You can not let the Kids playground franchises charge too much amount,  For example: the design cost which is totally free. So can not let them charge you on this.


2, The maintenance cost should be free in one year.


2, Should make deal on the cost of parts, so after one year you can get parts easy with low cost. Otherwise you will have serious problem when something broken. 


3, Should make a deal on price of new items, in case you need replacement in future to keeping the attract to kids.


4, should make deal on installation, the installation cost should be clarify in the contract. 


5, To by from indoor playground franchise, the accept commission should not more than 50% of contract value to compare with directly factory.



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