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Indoor play equipment style classification

Indoor play equipment style classification

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  森林:In each child's dream, there is a desire to explore the mysterious forest.



  海洋:An underwater world full of unknowns and expectations, the blue waters are mixed with the human awe of nature! The origin of life, let the imagination soar in the deep ocean!


  猫主题:An elegant and mysterious animal hides an incalculable calmness in its lovely appearance, yearning for freedom, and unwilling to be bound by the world!


  马卡龙:The hazy colors and neon-filled melody make you feel warm and tender!


  太空:The vastness is infinite, roaming between the stars and the moon, feel the shock of the universe, and embark on the interstellar journey of the expedition!


  糖果:Candy, sweet taste, brings a pleasant mood, the representative of happiness!



  交通小镇:A mini city traffic, let's practice how to be a quasi-ruler!


  冰雪: Ice and snow world, crystal clear fairy tale castle, fantastic ice and snow wonderland, cool and cool are new elements and the main theme













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