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hwo to process the indoor playground business?

hwo to process the indoor playground business?

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  Material Details

  1. Plastic Parts

  LLDPE, roto-moulded

  2. Metal Parts

  Galvanized steel, diameter: 48mm, thickness: 1.5mm

  3. Soft Part

  Wood inside, Foam outside, PVC leather covering

  4. Post Covering

  PVC pipe

  5. Safety Net

  PE netting

  6. Playground Floor

  EVA mat, environmental friendly material


  Production Process

  1. Metal Part

  Pipes Cutting——>Punching ——>Spot Welding ——>Full Welding ——> Rust Protection ——>Polish ——>Sand Blasting ——>Color Powder Coating ——>Packaging

  2. Plastic

  PVC Leather Cutting ——>Cover Inner Pad——>Seal ——>Packaging

  3. Trampoline Mat

  Mat Cutting ——>Stitching ——>Packaging

  4. Accessories

  Take same quantity based on packing list ——>Packaging



  1. CAD Drawings-Installation Instructions

  Once you place the order, we can freely offer the customers Installation Manual. And other detail list about product, such as component list, we also can do it. Just please inform us in advance.

  2. Customized Design

  We can freely make different size and structure in design to achieve the maximum use of your space. And we also accept to produce the unusual play items.

  3. Quality Control

  To ensure there’s no problem to trouble the customers, we keep doing goods inspection before shipment, and assembly structure in advance.

  4. After-sales Services

  We insist on offering top class product and service.

  If any questions related to our product feel freely to contact us.

  Customer’s satisfaction is our biggest happiness.


Title: hwo to process the indoor playground business?
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