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How to start an indoor playground for your first time?

How to start an indoor playground for your first time?

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For most people knowing that indoor playground business have a great market. In this business line, it has some advantage for cash flow,faster investment returns.You don't need take years for getting your money back from this kind of business.

But there is also have some issues for how to start this? If you are also the first time to do this business,please check these info, it may help you to understand better how to start your indoor playground business.

indoor playground design

Design information feedback form for first time buyer for indoor playgroud

  Sales Department


  Sales name


  Client project location


  Drawing delivery time


  Project leader and phone number


  Design service content (brand planning/IP design)


  Customer Features

  (National chain brand/own brand/first-time customer)


  Economical customers/high-end customers


  client budget


  Basic information of the customer's site (if applicable, please package it in the design file)

  Site CAD file provided (yes/no)


  Site height (net height under beam)


  Site design square m/ft


  Fire exits/hydrants (yes/no)


  Column obstacles (with/without)


  Wall partition/glass partition/open area labeling (yes/no)


  Planning path (yes/no)


  Venue entrance sign


  Before/after site renovation


  On-site photos of the venue (yes/no)


  Whether to calculate installation and freight / only calculate the number of cubic meters


  Regional fee/full fee


  Project configuration requirements

  Project parameter requirements

  The operating area of each region and the content of regional planning


  Style requirements and color schemes

  customer preference


  Customer specific needs

  Remarks: All design presentation requirements except non-essential prop design

  Example: Design presentation of areas such as water bar/retail toys/toilet


  Competitive product information in the same market

  Note: Avoid designing projects of the same category or similar styles in the same business district/nearby business community


  Customer special requirements (design, order requirements)




  Whether there is a separate designated area to leave a channel (inside/outside the equipment area) If yes, please indicate


  Whether it is necessary to designate a separate area to leave a door (inside/outside the equipment area) If yes, please indicate


How to Import indoor soft playground from china?


Title: How to start an indoor playground for your first time?
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