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How much does it cost to build an indoor playground?

How much does it cost to build an indoor playground?

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The most complete investment cost analysis report is here!

With the growing popularity of the indoor children's playground industry and the increasing quality of life, the public's demand for leisure and entertainment is getting stronger and stronger, and children's entertainment projects are gradually growing.

Indoor children's parks have already occupied a large part of the market, and the current children's parks have become the core projects of shopping malls, supermarkets, and urban complexes, and are favored by investors.

So how much does it cost to build an indoor children's playground? Today, Dream Garden will give you a detailed introduction.


  1. Site fees

Indoor naughty castles are more suitable to be opened in places such as shopping malls, where the passenger flow is large, and there are more people walking back and forth every day.


In a shopping mall, you can open a indoor playground with an area of only tens of square meters, which can be managed by yourself, and it saves a lot of electricity bills and employee salaries.


2. Equipment selection

To invest in a indoor children's park, you must purchase the corresponding amusement facilities. Different equipment, models, and prices are different.

The small children's playground takes the forest theme park as an example, which can be equipped with appropriate equipment and small amusement equipment that does not occupy any space. The total cost of 100 square meters of children's amusement equipment is about 100-120 US dollars per square meter. Calculated by 100 square meters, the cost of the equipment is about 10,000-12,000 US dollars. The final price is determined according to the height of the site and the difference of the project. In addition, the transportation fee and import tax are about 15% of the total price, so the total cost can be calculated within 15,000 US dollars.


3. Decoration costs

The overall style does not need to be changed much, it corresponds to the colors around the mall. The best thing about the indoor children's amusement park is to maintain the original style. Dream Garden offers many different styles to choose from.


For example: Macaron theme, modern theme, and candy theme, forest theme, these children's playgrounds are more beautiful on their own, and there is no need to make a lot of decorations.


Decoration chooses safe, environmentally friendly and healthy decoration materials. After all, the health and safety of children are the most important. Generally, the cost of ordinary decoration is about 35 US dollars per square meter.


Four, profit analysis

What is the annual profit of the small and medium-sized children's playground? Taking first-tier and second-tier cities as an example, the price can be set at $25 per time. There are 30 customers who spend every day from Monday to Friday, and sell a membership card for $500 30 times.

Two days on weekends, 50 people consume every day, 3 cards per day, that is, monthly income is about 150,680 U.S. dollars, and annual revenue is about 1,5306,000 U.S. dollars. Annual operating income minus annual expenses is equal to annual profit. Of course, there will be holidays, and the income may be more. The specific income is for reference only. This is the real data provided by our customers as the basis for analysis.


To sum up, if an entrepreneur wants to open an indoor children's playground, he should estimate the investment budget from venue costs, equipment selection, decoration costs, and staff costs.


If you have a business idea, if you have no experience in starting a business for the first time, you can choose a professional children's playground brand.


Dream garden has a professional operation team that provides full assistance and support from site selection, store decoration to post-operation, etc., so that every entrepreneur can easily win on the starting line!








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