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Are indoor playgrounds profitable?

Are indoor playgrounds profitable?

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The income and profitability of an indoor playground can fluctuate. What your playground is made of in a year depends on several factors, such as:

  • The audience you are targeting

  • The kind of entertainment your indoor playground provides

  • Location of your playground park

  • Facilities at your playground

  • The ticket price and hourly rate

Indoor playgrounds are a highly profitable business; however, they incur huge running costs and fixed overheads.

How to Make More Money?

Ticket sales are important, but if you want maximize benefits, you should look for other sales opportunities like:

  1. Building loyalty – the more often customers return, the more you can earn. Returning visitors are just as important as new. Systems such as gamification will help you attract returning customers visits.

  2. Special events – thematic workshops, birthday parties – there is many possibilities to create something new for your clients. Your only limit is your imagination

  3. Merchandising – t-shirts, mugs, even stuffed animals if you have brand hero. That’s the simple way to maximize profits

  4. Storytelling & marketing – good history, makes good money.

Food Courtyard and Profit

In addition to it, the food courtyards and eateries in the courtyard help generate higher profits for indoor playgrounds. In fact, they are known to be financially profitable since the food area is built just once and is rented to established eateries. The eateries are supposed to give you monthly rent. Therefore, the income generated through the food courtyard is the highest and most profitable.


A safe and friendly environment always brings back a customer. In the world of cut-throat competition where new businesses are emerging daily, maintaining customers is tough. To hold on the market is all about innovation, which includes introducing new games and services. Promotional schemes and attractive events organized at your indoor playground will attract kids more often.

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Title: Are indoor playgrounds profitable?
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