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6 Ways Outdoor Playground Equipment Can Boost Your Children's Creativity

6 Ways Outdoor Playground Equipment Can Boost Your Children's Creativity

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1. Encourage them to make a mess

Messy play might not be the best thing for you in terms of cleaning but it's definitely beneficial to your children`s creativity. Designate a special place in your garden or playground where you'll set up all of the tools and necessary things for your children to enjoy.

This way of playing requires using all five senses and great sensory experience. You don't even have to provide them with full-blown pits since smaller tubs will work as well.

“For best results, get creative yourself, especially with the resources that you provide. Pebbles, mud, sand, water, grass, bubbles, leaves, flowers, herbs, pots, seashells etc. are all amazing materials for best sensory play. Give them to your children and let them play - don't tell them what to do, watch them and let them explore”, - explains Kirk Rodriguez, a Psychology writer at dream garden.

2. Include toys that entice activity

A great way to boost your children's activity and creativity at the same time is to encourage active play. For this to work, think beyond just running and cycling since there are plenty of other ways to be active and have fun. Create a boxcar that your children can play with, paper bag kites, install permanent slides or purchase things like hoops, skipping ropes, scooters, hopper balls etc. They can even build their own playground!

3. Create outdoor drama plays

Drama is one of the best ways to inspire your children to create. Since it's composed of so many elements and activities, it can result in an entire day of drama play. Your children can create their own costumes with your help, pick music to accompany their play and think of a great scenario and characters.

Sarah Hamilton, a Drama tutor at Dream garden and Assignment help comments: “All of this will be much more inspiring to them, however, if they have the right outdoor equipment to do it. Install a small stage for them and provide them with different setting tools like bridges, cardboard castles, towers etc.”.

4. Play make-believe

Like drama, playing make-believe can really boost that creativity in your children. It can make them imagine great new worlds, creatures, lands or anything else that they might enjoy.

Give them a good setting for this. You can design your garden or a playground so it resembles a magical land. Put up some garden decorations like gnomes, fairies or any other sculptures or figurines, create secret nooks or cave-like places, install bridges and make small ponds that your children can play around.

This will make their imagination and creativity run wild. They'll be able to have adventures for days to come. You can start with a few simple adjustments to your garden and install new things as the time goes by.

5. Let them help with gardening

Gardening is really a lovely way to inspire your children. They have probably always wanted to help but you never gave them a real chance. And even though this activity may seem like it's not likely to boost their creativity, it most definitely will.

Create a special planting space just for them and let them pick the flowers and plants that they want to grow. Give them some guidelines in terms of what will grow fast, what will give them beautiful flowers and fruits, what will grow in what kind of soil etc. This is a good way to learn and build patience. The knowledge that you give them will also let them know what is possible and what is not.

“Once you buy the seeds, you can do some research together on how best to grow them. Some equipment options that you could give them are watering cans, gardening tools designed for children etc. Let them take care of their plants and see how they grow”, - says Travis Jenkins, a Psychologist at Boomessays.

6. Create outdoor art

Outdoors can also mean creating art. Obtain some outdoor art equipment like boards, for example, and let them create. They'll love using paint and their own techniques to create art.

One of the best things about this is that you don't have to worry about the mess and you can let them make as much of it as they want. Let them have fun – make competitions where the task is to throw color-filled balloons at paper to see who creates the best painting, invite their friends over to play with them too etc.


Using outdoor equipment is an excellent way to boost your children's creativity. There are so many options and all of them stimulate your children in a way indoor playing can't. It requires activity, imagination, and complete involvement. With the right tools, your children can learn and have fun at the same time.


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