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Trampoline park supplier in China, Manufactorer Price Kids Big Air Trampoline Park for sale, One Stop Solution. High quality and world wide shipping to US, CA, Europe...


Is Trampoline Park suitable for working people?

Trampoline Park, as we all know, is a place for fierce games and activities, therefore all the activities require people to be strong enough to deal with different tasks. But it seems that only young teenagers would frequent these places to do activities but not working people. These people still believe that playing in Trampoline Park is the right of the young. I disagree with this. Their disinclination to the activity is exactly of their a proof of lacing confidence toward themselves. It seems to be a main phenomenon that as people are growing older, they are more reluctant to take challenges and try new things. As far as I'm concerned, trampoline is just suitable to people of all ages, and what they need is only courage.

First of all, the attitude of saying no to new things before trying it shows is just an indication of the fact that you are growing old. It is really not a good thing to admit you are old because it will finally lead you to the state of being passionless about everything in life. People need something to inspire their passion no matter how old you are. The aim of Trampoline Park is to encourage adults to be brave enough to accept the challenge and I believed that you will find the meaning of life again.

Secondly, working people are in serious lack of exercise and they are not in good health as a whole. Since trampoline park provides them with pretty good chances to exercise their muscle and bones, their state of health will also be largely improved. As a consequence, through the training they received in the trampoline park, they may gradually become stronger than their coworkers. Shouldn't this be the ultimate goal of all playgrounds for people? Stop sitting all day long on your working chair from today, just set up and start doing exercises in the trampoline park.

Furthermore, being provided with the chance to meet other people and meanwhile get a break from the tiring job helps to revitalize your passion in taking on to work again after the relaxation in the trampoline park. Today's adults are under the pressure from both family and work. If they can't find a way to release the burden, their mental and physical health will put to danger. The trampoline park is a good place for them to get relax mentally and physically in trampoline world.

All in all, just like indoor playground is important for children, the same is true of trampoline park to adults. And none should think himself too old for the activities in the trampoline park. It is a place suit people with passion but not about their age.



    Black Mild Steel, Stainless Steel Springs, EPE Soft Pad, PP Professional Mats.

   ASTM Safe Zone


   Recommended Ages

    If You Can Walk You Can Jump

   Apply for

    Amusement Park, Indoor Themed Park, Super Mall, Warehouse, etc.

   Jumping Mat

    PP material professional jumping mats

   Foam Pad

    XPE, waterproof closed-cell foam, not easy to lose shape


    0.48mm thick PVC, anti-water and anti-mildew


    Black Mild Steel, Color Powder Coated


    Stainless Steel,18cm not extended length, super high-strength

    Chrome plated, good elastic performance.


    Standard Export Packing: Cotton & PP Film, Accept Customized Packing.


    Professional and CAD instruction, Manual book, Videos


    CE, TUV, ASTM certificates


    5 years on metal frame, 3 year on springs, 1 year on trampoline mat and soft  pad.


    Free designs as long as given the sizes



Quality and safety are always top of mind at Dream garden. We are continuously innovating and inventing! Here are some of our prime products:

GRIP SOCKS are an available product that promotes hygiene and cleanliness, along with safety and balance. It can add revenue to your park! We can also put your logo directly on the socks.

Like all of our materials, our high-grade POLYPROPYLENE MATS meet or exceed the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards. Upgrade to hurricane poly for a unique look and superior jump performance and durability. We have several color options available!

Trampoline Parks uses a special sealing process to help the mats last longer. Our specialists heat and press the material for a shiny finish that is tear resistant. Each mat is stitched a dozen times to ensure it lasts. Let our drafting department map out your park's mat layout to make reorders easy.

Our VINYL SAFETY PADS are made with a triple layer of infrared cross-linked foam, an original technology that lasts nearly twice as long as the industry standard (Ethofoam). Trampoline Parks's heavy 18-ounce vinyl wrap is fire retardant and meets ASTM trampoline standards. Our team sews Velcro on each pad to make it simple to move or replace. We can also upgrade your safety pads to include a zipper on the back, which allows you to easily replace the foam inside. The pads come in a variety of colors.

We use high-quality crossover SPRINGS that allow for maximum jump height and strength.

Ensure safety for your customers at every angle by installing cushioned WALL PANELS. Wall panels give you a sharp, uniformed look, while promoting safety.

We stock an exceptionally thick 1 1/4" CARPET FOAM for soft landings on walkways, jump boxes, spines or shelves.

Our SAFETY NETS keep jumpers from crashing into each other and are specifically designed to keep kids from climbing. We make them in-house, which means you can replace damaged panels, instead of the entire net. The nets are also fire-resistant.

We manufacture LANDING MATS, which give an even surface for soft landings. It's an impressive feature to add to your park.

Our STEEL is expertly fabricated by certified welders at our U.S.A headquarters. It's done in a such a way that it requires no bolting or welding at the trampoline park site.



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