SkyJumper Trampoline Park
SkyJumper Trampoline Park

SkyJumper Trampoline Park

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We supply SkyJumper Trampoline Park,skyzone,Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park,Big Air Trampoline Park,Launch Trampoline Park,AirHop Trampoline Park Guildford


At dream garden playground company, We supply SkyJumper Trampoline Park,skyzone,Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park,Big Air Trampoline Park,Launch Trampoline Park,AirHop Trampoline Park Guildford.All trampoline park equipment are made in china.Welcome to contact us for more details.


Trampoline park supplier


In 2017, DREAM GARDEN  play installed her first trampoline park. At this moment, Dream garden Play is one of the China’s leading suppliers of indoor trampoline parks and indoor play structures. We design, produce and install challenging and unique trampoline parks. Our designers and technical developers are always up-to-date about the latest news, trends and innovations. They create new products to make your trampoline park even more challenging.

Start your own trampoline park


Are you looking for indoor trampolines?


We offer trampoline equipment of the highest quality. The Jump Arena can be used for practicing gymnastic skills, stunts or trampoline fitness. Popular elements are the high performance trampolines for practicing stunts, the dodgeball area for playing games with friends and the Ninja course which is suitable for children and adults. We also offer a stunt zone with foam pit blocks or an airbag for practicing stunts.


Dream garden play: Indoor trampoline park manufacturer


Do you dream of your own indoor trampoline park? Go for it, because this industry is great fun for entrepreneurs and visitors! Do you want the biggest Jump Arena or a park with various sport elements? We are happy to help you. Dream GARDEN Play is a professional trampoline park manufacturer. Together we design the layout of your trampoline park. After that, all elements will be produced in our own production facility in the Netherlands. Contact one of our account managers and make an appointment to visit our head office and production facility. It is a great process and you will see that all products are tailor-made.



Interactive elements trampoline park


Would you like to add more interactivity in your trampoline park? We offer various interactive elements to make your trampoline park the most popular park in the area. The ValoJump is really popular for visitors of all ages! It is possible to add a double ValoJump installation for more competition. In addition, we offer many other interactive devices that will attract more visitors to your park, such as the interactive targets (DodgeAttack or PowrPlay) for the Multi Sport Area or a CardioWall in the Main Jump or choose for an interactive climbing wall (ValoClimb) or interactive targets in your WalkWall.



Upgrade and maintain your trampoline park


Give your trampoline park a boost! After a few successful years, you want to upgrade your trampoline park! It is possible to extend your park, replace existing events or add new elements to your park. Popular new events are the ValoJump, Big Bounce parcours, HiT iT! arenas and Ninja Course. The interactive elements as mentioned above are easy to integrate into existing trampoline parks and give your park an enormous boost!

In addition to upgrading and innovation, the maintenance of your trampoline park is very important. The safety of visitors is always top priority! If you see damaged or broken elements, close the area to prevent dangerous situations and contact our service department.

Big Bounce trampolines!

ELI Play has made the most challenging and exciting trampoline paramours for the big television show: Big Bounce! It was a great success in Germany and France. To create a challenging trampoline park or renew your trampoline park we offer a Big Bounce trampoline paramours for leisure parks. Visitors has to jump over various obstacles to complete the paramours. Read more about the Big Bounce trampoline parcours.


HiT iT! The interactive arena!


Besides all the interactive elements that we can integrate into trampoline parks, we offer the interactive HiT iT! arenas! HiT iT is an arena with various attractions with hidden targets. It provides challenge, excitement, competition and entertainment. All players has a RFID wristband to register, start the game and hit the targets. The number of points of the target depends on the effort that has to be made to hit the target. The more difficult the location of the target, the more points the player earns. After a time slot, the player can see his score on the score screen.



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Contact our sales department for more information and support for starting or upgrading your trampoline park. We have realized more than 300 trampoline parks worldwide. You may know some of our trampoline parks, such as Jump XL, You Jump, Jump One or Jump Yard. We would like to hear your ideas and together we develop the most unique and popular trampoline park. Request our catalog and call our sales department +86 13868643987 or send an email to


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