School outdoor playground design for sale
School outdoor playground design for sale

School outdoor playground design for sale

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Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Playground Equipment

What Is the Best Playground Equipment?

The best kids' outdoor play equipment is whatever best suits your kids' play area. Maybe your child is a natural climber and you want to make sure your playground has a big climbing wall. Or perhaps more traditional seesaw and swing kits that are easily installed are more your thing. When it comes to selecting which commercial playground equipment manufacturer's product you want to go with, the one aspect that makes it "best" is that it's best for you and the children who will use your play area.

How Much Does Commercial Playground Equipment Cost?

The cost of commercial equipment is going to fluctuate greatly based on the pieces you need and the playground equipment supplier you choose to work with. In general, however, you should try to budget about $1,000 per child. This means the overall cost of completed commercial playground sets could be as low as $8,000 for a small area or more than $50,000 for a large playground.

How Much Is a Playground Set?

The cost of a playground set can range from a couple thousand dollars for a toddler outdoor playset to more than $10,000 for more substantial playground structures. When you're shopping for play sets for kids, you'll see that different commercial playground companies and stores have different costs, but at AAA State of Play, we work hard to keep our prices affordable.

What Should a Playground Have?

Most commercial playsets have at least one slide, swings, spinning merry-go-rounds, and climbers. Browse our selection of outdoor playsets and playground accessories to get a feel for what you want your play area to include.

What Is the Best Material for a Playground Surface?

One of the best materials for a playground surface is rubber, which is usually found as either rubber mulch or a poured-in-place surface. You can also use engineered wood fiber to provide the appropriate cushioning to ensure that the children who use your play area can get some exercise while also staying as safe as possible.

How Much Does it Cost to Install Playground Equipment?

Installation costs for your children's playground equipment can take up about 25% to 45% of your overall budget depending on which method you choose. When you shop with Dream garden of Play, you'll have three options for the installation of your new playset: full installation, supervised installation, and customer installation. When you contact us for a quote on our playground equipment, we can also give you an idea of how much installation will cost.

How Long Do Outdoor Playsets Last?

Our heavy-duty outdoor playsets usually last 15 to 20 years if they're well-maintained.

How Often Should Playground Equipment Be Replaced?

As a general rule of thumb, you should be able to get at least a decade out of a high-quality outdoor play structure before it needs to be replaced. With regular inspections and maintenance, you're likely to get even more life out of our durable playsets.

How Do You Anchor Playground Equipment?

Commercial outdoor playground equipment can be anchored to the ground with cement or by using an anchor and chain to tether them to the ground.

Where Can I Find Commercial Playground Equipment Near Me?

Industrial-grade kids' play equipment is as close as your keyboard with AAA State of Play! Our vast inventory of playground supplies, replacement parts, services, and solutions makes recess at any school or day-care facility more fun. We even offer outdoor park furniture to keep kids comfortable when they're taking a break from playing. No matter what regulations or design requirements you need your play systems to meet, Dream garden of Play can help!


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