Custom Professional Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course
Custom  Professional Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course

Custom Professional Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course

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Top Quanlity Custom Indoor Ninja Adults Fitness Playground Park Professional Ninja Warrior with Obstacle Course

Ninja Warrior, also known as ninja way, ninja space.It is a new way of challenging balance, strength and agility in all aspects. The challengers work hard to complete these challenges and improve their comprehensive abilities.Ninja Warrior Course can also cultivate children's physical strength and perseverance, and bring pleasure and sense of achievement to players after success, which is very suitable for children and adults.

Ninja Warrior Obstacles Accessories:
The concept of Ninja course comes from the reality show "American Ninja Warrior", which has developed into a new type of sport. Ninja course has been designed as a fun and challenging entertainment event with a combination of running, jumping, climbing, and balancing tests. Barrier racing is the latest trend in the fitness industry, and our Ninja course just provides players with this type of event.

1.Balance Logs2.Steps3.Soft Steps4.Island Hops5.Flying Bar-Training
6.Wingnuts Swing7.Floating Bridge8.Cannonball Alley9.Flying Bar10.Floating Doors
11.Unstable Bridge12.Sea of Ball13.Cargo Net with Balls14.Jungle Swings15.U-Rope
16.Sea of Silks17.Sea of Discs18.Bungee Ropes19.Trapeze Bars20.Ropes & Bar
21.Cargo Net With Cubes22.Spining Wheels23.Big Wheels24.Trapeze UFO25.Tilting Frame
26.Spindle Roller27.Rumbling Dice28.Arm Bicycle29.Sea of Swings30.Ring Slider
31.Jump to Net32.Swing to Ne33.Ring Toss34.Monkey Bars35.Hanging Spikes
36.Camel Back37.Climbing Wall38.Tilting Ladders39.Spider Wall40.Warped Wall
41.Salmon Ladder42.Cheese Doors43.Pole with Balls44.Log Grip45.Customized