Commercial playground musical instruments
Commercial playground musical instruments

Commercial playground musical instruments

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Sensory playground equipment enriches the play experience for children of all ages. Browse our wide selection of sensory playground equipment


Features and Benefits of Outdoor Sensory Play Panels(commercial playground musical instruments)

  • Designed by child development expert, Dream Garden Team

  • Provides sensory experiences for children and adults with sensory processing disorders, such as those on the autism spectrum

  • Colorful, translucent panels with textured shapes offer additional play experiences and aesthetic appeal

  • Parents and caregivers can view or join their kids for social interaction and intergenerational play

  • Can be configured to any size, shape, or design for easy installation in new or existing spaces

  • Reconfigure the maze after the first installation with the Dream garden® clamping system

  • Optional surfacing can be added to create even more fun and imaginative play environments.

Our outdoor sensory play panels were developed to ensure that children with sensory impairments have playground equipment that encourages them to play, interact with peers and adults, and brings them in closer proximity to other children. Page through our brochure to learn more!


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