freestanding outdoor play equipment
freestanding outdoor play equipment

freestanding outdoor play equipment

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Play Events

If you want to set up a park or school with prefect commercial freestanding outdoor play equipment, dream garden will be your great choice to start with.


Freestanding outdoor play equipment

Social environments

Playgrounds are wonderful places for children to practice social skills that may be difficult for them. Therefore, it is important to include at least one piece of equipment that encourages cooperative play. Other types of play to think about in a playground for all are: 

  • Solitary play: A child wants to explore and discover their world and will tend to play alone. Provide play equipment that can be used by one user and do not require anyone else for it to function.

  • Onlooker play: A child watches or converses with others at play without joining in. By placing equipment into groups, children can watch how others play and join in when they are ready.

  • Parallel play: Children play next to each other in the same area while engaged in their own activities, watching and listening to each other, such as on swings.

  • Associate play: Children will play independently while mimicking others, conversing and taking turns, but each child acts alone. This can be seen in sand and water play and around pretend play.