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what is indoor playground equipment made of?

what is indoor playground equipment made of?

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what is indoor playground equipment made of?



The design of the indoor playground is both safe and fun, and children can play on it. An important factor is that the safety of a indoor playground depends on the site where you build it. Although you need to make sure you have a stable foundation to build the indoor playground to make it sturdy, you can't let kids play on hard concrete or asphalt, especially when they will be taller. Therefore, it is important to use cover materials to help create a safe gaming environment. Here are some of the best playground materials.




The following are the materials listed below:

1.Rubber Mulch

2.Pea gravel

3.Rubber scraps




1. Rubber Mulch

Rubber mulch is one of the best modern options for indoor playground coverings. It is very soft and can absorb most of the impact when a child falls. In addition to being one of the safest options, the maintenance cost of rubber mulch is very low because weeds will not grow inside the rubber mulch. The only problem is that you need to buy a high-quality rubber mulch for your indoor playground because low-quality rubber mulch will quickly become dirty and decompose.



2. Pea gravel

Pea gravel is becoming more and more popular due to its extremely low cost and its ability to create natural beauty more than rubber coverings for the indoor playground. Pea gravel is also very popular in dog parks. The only problem with pea gravel is that it is not the softest material you can use, which means that children are more likely to be cut, bruised, and abraded when they fall on it.



3. Rubber scraps

Another option for indoor playground coverings is to use tires and other sources of recycled rubber. These covering materials create a solid rubber surface that is divided and installed into tiles. The soft and strong nature of rubber makes it very safe, but also very durable. The main problem with this method is that although rubber bricks are recyclable, they are quite expensive compared to other options.



4.  Plastic

Compared to equipment made of other materials, plastic equipment are now most commonly used in indoor playground.The main reason is that plastic is lighter, more cost-effective, and as durable as metal. Also, in summer, the surface of plastic is not as hot as metal, which helps prevent heat-related injuries The most common plastic used to make indoor playground equipment is called HDPE or high density polyethylene. HDPE provides maintenance-free, high durability, safety and affordability. This material is also environmentally sustainable and has a positive impact on our planet. Another plastic used to make indoor playground equipment is LDPE or low density polyethylene.The formation of most modern plastic equipment is the result of a process called spin molding plastic or spin forming.

Anti static inhibitors and stabilizers make for a smooth sliding experience. Plastic is also UV stabilized to minimize discoloration.


5. Wood

Some of the earliest recreational equipment were made of wood. Today, this material is making a comeback. Even if it is rare, you can find wooden equipment on the market.

The wood is sanded to a very smooth surface and then treated with a sealant.


Modern wooden equipment usually have a thin, smooth plastic covering on the surface of the slide, which makes the equipment safer and easier to slide. The metal plate is also a material used to cover the surface of the skateboard .

Title: what is indoor playground equipment made of?
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