Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Childhood Obesity vs. Kids' Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Custom Playground Equipment recognizes that childhood obesity is quickly becoming a country-wide epidemic. Unfortunately, with this epidemic comes the realization that as the generations progress, our children are spending more time indoors and are experiencing severe lack of motivation to engage in physical fitness activities of any type. We have learned that one of the very the best ways to instill this crucial motivation in our children is to make fitness play equipment so alluring and interesting that they don't even realize the level of fitness required of them in order to use fitness play equipment. Herein lies our strength.

Custom Playground Equipment is one of the only companies in the industry who can offer customizable options to our uniquely designed kids' outdoor fitness equipment. The developmental needs and challenges for children ages 5 - 12 are unique to their age group and are critical to provide a well-rounded physical education as well as helping to prevent the devastating results of kids' obesity.

Kids in school seek out a challenge and quickly fall in love with playgrounds and play events that are interesting and engaging. Schools with this highly desirable fitness play equipment are proving to draw an interest from miles around. By incorporating such exciting and exhilarating elements into planning a kids' outdoor fitness equipment playground for this age group, you are accurately considering and addressing the needs of a wide range of ages of children.

Beyond Your Ordinary Playground

Our fitness play equipment is a new generation of kids fitness equipment. Unlike the classic play structures we have become accustomed to seeing, these revolutionary fitness focused playgrounds challenge children at the ground level. This type of deck-less fitness play equipment specializes in building skills to develop:

Strength, Balance, and Muscle Stabilization Mastery

Cooperation & Socialization Skills

Gross & Fine Motor Skills

Hand-Eye and Overall Muscle Coordination

Strategic Planning & Problem-Solving

Dramatic Imagination

Sensory Stimulation/Integration of the Vestibular & Proprioceptive Systems

Fitness Playgrounds for Muscle Development

School playground equipment is often designed to be entertaining and an energy release more than providing an enriching experience. So our fitness play equipment is designed with a focus more on offering kids a physical challenge during recess to help in the fight against kids' obesity. Childhood obesity is a very real threat that can be easily overcome with regular use of our kids' outdoor fitness equipment. Because major muscle development is key within the 5 to 12 age group, we have designed this kids' outdoor fitness equipment with challenging play events like horizontal ladders, climbers and more!

Fitness Play Equipment Flooring

Safety surfacing is also a very important element of an adequate fitness play equipment design, especially when you are accommodating kids' obesity victims. When you contact us for your customized quote, we will provide you with specific details as to the types and amounts of recommended safety surfacing for the designated use zone for your kids' outdoor fitness equipment.

In addition to various safety surfacing options, we also offer numerous freestanding fitness play equipment for easy customization including swing sets, spring riders, climbers and so much more. contact us at [email protected] and our Certified Playground Specialists are standing by and would love to help you build the fitness play equipment of your dreams.