Indoor playground

Indoor playground

indoor playgrounds Sometimes there is simply not enough use zone space for a large play structure for a facility, other times you may envision a more open flow of several smaller play components working together to create your ideal play area. In these cases, your facility and your children may benefit from several freestanding. Why should indoor playground cost more than the same structure when built outside? The great thing about the commercial-grade plastic equipment we make and sell is that it’s safe and adaptable for any environment, inside or out.Rain or shine, there’s one place where play will always carry on. The indoor playground has proven to be more than just a trend: It’s the future.

With more than a decade of experience,Dream Garden has the knowledge to craft the fun and safe commercial indoor playground equipment you’ve been looking for. Appointments with professional playground consultants are always available to ensure that you make a smart and affordable selection. Our Products included are soft contained indoor playground equipment, indoor play systems, indoor play structures, climbing nets, tunnels, playground slides, games, ball pits etc. And, if you need help planning, the experts have you covered there too. Designers will analyze your terrain, landscape, and space to help you make the best choice. Site maps, plan views, and 3-D renderings pinpoint exactly how to proceed so you can share your project with investors or board members. Quality indoor playground and world-class customer service are just two more reasons whyDream Garden is the leader in indoor playground equipment. With a wide variety of play sets, services, and options at your fingertips, there’s no reason not to get started today. We have realized more than 2,500 indoor playgrounds worldwide.

Browse our collection of indoor playground equipment for sale by age group, manufacturer, or price to find the perfect pieces for your needs. You’ll also be able to easily find commercial play structures that fit special needs or requirements like accessibility for the disabled or opportunities for independent play. If you have trouble placing your online order or don’t know where to start, our friendly, knowledgeable customer service team is here to help you with suggestions for an indoor playground set that will make your business, organization, or school kids’ favorite place for fun.AtDream Garden, we’ll do everything we can to make creating the perfect indoor playground easy!

Advice for reopening your trampoline park or indoor playground

The coronavirus has a major impact on the leisure industry. The American leisure industry organisations IAAPA and IATP share a covid-19 reopening guidance for leisure parks. You will find information and precautions for a reopening of your park. Read this?article.

Reopening playgrounds and trampoline parks covid-19

The coronavirus has a major impact on our society. While all sectors of the world’s economy are affected by the coronavirus, the leisure industry has been hit particularly hard. The doors of trampoline parks, playgrounds, sports locations, restaurants and holiday parks have been closed for weeks.

We hope that all these organizations will be able to welcome visitors again soon. The government will determine when the time is right for the reopening of leisure parks. As an entrepreneur, it is important to be prepared for the reopening. You can reduce the chances of infection of visitors and staff by taking precautions.

Advice from the leisure industry associations IAAPA and IATP

The American leisure industry organisations IAAPA, International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions and IATP, International Association for Trampoline Parks, share a covid-19 reopening guidance for leisure parks.

IAAPA: Covid-19 reopening guidance

In this report you will find principles and considerations compiled by attractions operators around the world in consultation with an epidemiologist. They are designed to provide approaches for you to consider as you reopen your leisure park during this hard period of covid-19. Not all of these considerations will apply to your operation or facility type; however, the information outlined is intended to help you develop or review the plan that will work best for your attraction.

NEW: Third edition of Covid-19 reopening guidance

Open Covid-19 reopening guidance IAAPA?(3rd edition - update October 2020)

IATP: guidelines reopening

The IATP shares a guidebook to utilize as a checkpoint as you begin to reopen parks following the coronavirus. This report includes information about the maintenance of your park, the safety of visitors and employees and more.

Open IATP guidebook